about me and my lifestyle changes


My name is Ard, born and raised in the Netherlands. After several trips and relocations around the world, both work and holiday related, I am currently residing in north-eastern Germany.

For quite some time I have had the idea to capture the things I have come across, my first-hand experiences and the adaptations and changes to my life. Losing my paid job in 2018 the time seemed right to start doing just that – not a book, but a blog. This is the 21st century after all.

The personal stories deal with management of changes in general, but about my lifestyle changes in particular, as a result of all kinds of events, not in the least by the diagnosis of diabetes at the age of 15.

I hope that these stories will be recognized by people with chronic diseases, like diabetes for example, or will inspire those open to change and/or willing to have a more active lifestyle. Please let me know in case of recognition or in case these stories give rise to questions. It is my passion to go forward in life and to help people obtain the best out of themselves. I hope this blog may be a potential model for you, or may give you some food for thought.